Take Part in the grenzfrei festival

Standing up together for a Self-determined Life and Freedom of Movement! Take Part in the grenzfrei festival!

A divers program, shaped by refugee’s self-organizations and transregional groups, shall inform, intensify and encourage. We want to fight united against lager, deportation, borders and racism. We will give room for events such as workshops, discussions, lectures, exhibitions, art, theater, and music, which will make this fight possible. We want to create movement and we want to do networking. However, the festival can only live on the basis of the attending people so that a momentum can be created that gives impulse for further solidarity projects and actions.

The festival is for free and free! We will support your journey and help with juridical problems. We provide accommodation, food, childcare and translation. If you have any question please contact us and we will be glad to help you!

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call for contribution

anti-racist festival
Münster, May 27th – 29th, 2011

The grenzfrei festival is, due to our preparations, developing fast. More and more supporters and dedicated people join in the movement, and let our plans and ideas become more concrete. At our last weekend of planning we have developed several thematic issues that will constitute the content of the festival.

The transregional festival wants to create a platform for migrants, drawing on existing nationwide structures, and including many already active persons and organizations. We want to move on, and develop, mobilize many new people, and strengthen the networking – And gather momentum for the future and future actions.

The festival will be in Münster this spring, May 27th – 29th, 2011. Events will take place in several locations in the city and shall refer to four core themes. We want to organize a wide range of different workshops, discussions, action, drama, art and more – in order to act, to discuss, and to draw attention.

The main topics will be:

  • no refugee camp (camp-systems, isolation, residential obligation, German social welfare Law for asylum seekers)
  • Contact: nolager(a)grenzfrei-festival.org
  • no border (borders and national states, border policy, Fortress Europe, Frontex, illegality, causes of flight and other backgrounds, (neo)colonialism, etc.)
  • Contact: noborder(a)grenzfrei-festival.org
  • no deportation (deportations and interventions, custody prior to deportation, etc.)
  • Contact: bleiben(a)grenzfrei-festival.org
  • no racism (structural racism, racism in day-to-day life, empowerment)
  • Contact: antira(a)grenzfrei-festival.org

We will be very happy if many people make smaller or larger contributions to the festival in order to make the festival a wide and colorful event. So if you have one or more ideas or if you have something related to share, do not hesitate and contact us as soon as possible via the above mentioned contact details!

Of course there is also going to be music. So if you know bands, DJs, or musicians who want to play at the festival, or whom we could ask, please contact us: kultur(a)grenzfrei-festival.org

We are sorry that we will not be able to pay fees. However, we want to pay travel costs – please keep those to a minimum. Accommodation – in gyms, tents or shared apartments – will also be provided.

If you have general questions or suggestions, just ask us: kontakt(a)grenzfrei-festival.org.

More information can be found at: www.grenzfrei-festival.org.

Join in and help to make the grenzfrei festival a big and successful anti-racist sign!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The grenzfrei group.

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invitation to organize the grenzfrei festival

To plan, organize and develop the idea of the grenzfrei festival in Münster (May 27th – 29th 2011) together, we invite every interested person and group to come to Münster for a weekend. This will now take place on February 26th – 27th (we had to change the date by one week!). Feel free to invite other groups and persons for this meeting and to promote the idea of the Festival!

If you want to participate in the meeting in Münster, please contact us until 10th of February.
If you can’t come but you have ideas and suggestions, please write them to us, too.

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Invitation to create a festival

We are organising a festival about migration, escape, racism. Three days in May, 2011, in the middle of Münster, outdoors, openly, politically.

To us it is very important to create with you a possibility for migrants, refugees, the rarely heard to speak out; it should be a platform for networking and a forum for all enthusiasts.

And we would like to invite you to participate, to shape it, to get involved, to give a face to the festival – ideas, suggestions, also small contributions enrich the project.

With talks, discussions, workshops, political campaigns, theatre, music, art and everything that comes up spontaneously we want to draw attention, raise questions, denounce. We want to address the causes for escape, post-colonialism, repressive migration politics and everyday racism as well as European border politics, identity and nationality in order to overcome borders in thought. The festival wants to make interculturality come alive, to leave the beaten path, to have an effect on our coexistence.

We meet on every 10th and 25th of the month and are welcome to new people and ideas.

Furthermore, we host two thematic film presentations with subsequent discussion. On the 2nd of December we show „Deportation at the Break of Dawn – Everyday Life in the Foreigners’ Registration Office“ and on the 6th of December „The Truth Lies in Rostock“, a documentation about the racist attacks on refugee’s asylum.

We are looking forward to you!

The Initative Grenzfrei

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